*From Costs are Standard Rates. Whilst we always endeavour to provide our clients with exact costs but in some cases, this is not realistic. If you would like to know the exact costs of your treatment, then please call us on 01506 411 499 and book in for your free consultation now - full costs will be agreed during consultation.

  • Botox®

    Botox® Treatments at Natrabrow all begin with an initial (free) consultation - call us on 01506 411 499 to book yours now. Prices range on a per area basis:


    1 Area: £180

    2 Areas: £220

    3 Areas: £260

    8 Point Facelift: £300


    Botox® is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment, with more than 6 million Botox® treatments administered each year.


    ​​Botox® is a neurotoxin derived from Clostridium botulinum, an organism found in the natural environment where it is largely inactive and non-toxic.


    Botulinum toxin is used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by paralyzing the underlying muscles.


    People also use Botox® to treat excessive sweating, migraines, muscular disorders, and some bladder and bowel disorders.

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